By Katie Holmes 
Aston talks to us about the perks of 'learning-on-the-job'! 

Aston Tyrell is currently undertaking a 4 year Apprenticeship in Mechanical Maintenance with the Department of Engineering Science. His Apprenticeship requires him to attend college once a week and work in the workshop for the remaining 4 days, allowing him to gain theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience.

Aston started the Apprenticeship after being at a local college for three years. He heard about the Oxford University Apprenticeships from one of his college lecturers who encouraged many students to go onto apply for one. He also saw an Apprenticeship as an opportunity to gain experience in the field he is interested in and to earn money at the same time.

His work in the workshop is varied and has helped Aston develop his social skills. Alongside this the money he earns has allowed him to fund his passion for cars and car racing. It is, however, the prospect of receiving a qualification at the end of the Apprenticeship that keeps Aston motivated as it will allow him to take on a full-time position.

“The Apprenticeship has turned out to be much better than I thought it would be!” and with Aston receiving good training alongside other Apprentices, he is able to make friends in the workplace as well as progress in his career. Aston believes that more employers should consider taking on Apprentices as, in many cases, an Apprentice who has learnt ‘on the job’ becomes much more qualified and capable than a university graduate.  

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