By Katie Holmes 
"Working, learning and earning!" What more could you want? 

Harry Clarke is undertaking a two year Apprenticeship in HR at the Earth Sciences Department, which he will complete this October. Alongside working for the department, the Apprenticeship so far has involved him obtaining his level 2 and 3 business qualifications and his level 3 CIPD qualification at Abingdon and Whitney College.

Harry attended Fitzharrys School in Abingdon, where he completed his GCSEs and began his A-Levels, before deciding he would be better suited to an Apprenticeship. He began researching and applying for different Apprenticeships and was informed about the Oxford University Apprenticeships by his mother, who also works at the university.

Upon embarking on the Apprenticeship, Harry has gained team working skills and networking experience, alongside general business experience. In his job at the Earth Sciences Department he is involved with recruitment, pay roll, travel insurance and administrating new starters and leavers. Even just the experience of working in an office has been worthwhile, as this is an experience graduates do not have. In addition, the Apprenticeship Training he has received has taught him a broad range of business skills that, not only help him with his current job, but have also have prepared him for any future job in the business world. Harry strives to do his best in the workplace as receiving recognition is a huge motivation for him.

Harry said the best aspect of his Apprenticeship is that it allows him to be “working, learning and earning” all at the same time, something degree study or a job with no training simply cannot offer. He thinks that more employers should look into running Apprenticeships, but only if they “ensure they have enough work” to give to the Apprentice and that they have the time to manage and oversee the Apprentice. As for future Apprentices, Harry’s top tips were to apply to as many as possible and to ask for feedback after an interview, to help make future applications even stronger! The most important thing, however, is to make sure you are interested in the type of Apprenticeship you are applying for as Apprenticeships require hard work and dedication.

Once he has completed his Apprenticeship Harry hopes to remain in the HR sector, whether that means continuing work at the Earth Sciences Department or looking for other jobs in the university and elsewhere. His involvement in the Oxford University Apprenticeships has meant he has met people who work in other parts of the university who have given him the opportunity to explore other departments such as social media, digital communication and general admin. All of this puts him in good stead to advance in his career upon completing his Apprenticeship this October. 

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