By Ania Stanisz 
“It’ll set you up so well and that’ll be so good to have on your CV!”

Are you looking for great opportunities? Do you want an exciting, rewarding, and challenging job? Do you have a skill that you want to develop that is not a university degree? Chloe Thompson tells you why to do an Apprenticeship!

If you’re afraid to enter the work environment, an Apprenticeship is what you’re looking for! “Being an Apprentice as my first job was really good, because you have a safety blanket, so you’re not just coming in expected to get on with it like maybe another person that just had a normal job”.

Chloe has always been fascinated with HR. Although is only 20 years old, she already works in the HR for the Blavatnik School of Government. She did her HR Apprenticeship there, which she completed with the CIPD Level 3 Certificate in Human Resources Practice. The Apprenticeship has given her a lot of experience and skills, along with qualification and money. She got a lot in return: “One of the best things about my Apprenticeship is the people who are always really, really thankful, so you know you’ve done a good job”.

For young people considering whether to do an Apprenticeship, Chloe has a word of advice:
“Try to have an idea of the kind of thing you want to do.
Make sure that you do your application properly, because Apprenticeships are getting increasingly more competitive, so you need to really stand out.
Don’t get disappointed if you don’t get the first Apprenticeship that you applied for. I know a lot of people that didn’t get their first one.
Don’t be scared of the work environment: everyone knows where you work that you’re an Apprentice and learning.

Grab it with both hands, take any opportunity that’s given to you, because you might not get opportunities as this in the future!”

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Created by Sophie Bebb, University of Oxford Apprentice at the Said Business School.

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