Day in the Life of a Group IT Apprentice


We recently caught up with Jacob Maish, Group IT Apprentice at the Oxford University Press! He tells us all about the perks of being at IT apprentice in Oxford and how he is working towards a level 3 NVQ in ICT telecommunications and a Cisco CND1 qualification.

  • What is the first thing you do when you get into work in the morning? 
Firstly, I start my laptop up and then go through all of my unread emails and reply back to them. It is important to do this at the start of the day as then I am aware of tasks that may come up in the day and then this prepares me to fit this around my day, along with the other work I am doing. I also go through my calendar to see what meetings I have in the day.

  • Where do you spend most of your day?
This can vary greatly from day- to- day. Some days I may be in meetings for the current project which I am leading which involves  moving around the building interacting with colleagues to find out different information on certain aspects of the project; other days I may spend at my desk or working with colleagues on a specific task.

  • What keeps you motivated at work? 
I am greatly  motivated by the amazing opportunity I have to start a career in IT. I feel so privileged to be in this current position and don’t take it for granted what so ever. Working hard and keeping busy also keeps me motivated! 

  • Tea? or Coffee?
Tea all the way!

  • Favourite job? Least favourite job? 
My favourite job is doing project management work - it’s a challenge, but enables me to meet and interact with colleagues, which I really enjoy.
My least favourite job is some admin work which is repetitive, and means working alone – but its good experience, requires different skills,  and reminds me that work consists or a wide range of tasks . and can get tedious. 
  • What qualification are you working towards and when do you hope to achieve it?
I am currently working towards a level 3 in ICT telecommunications and a Cisco CND1. I hope to achieve both of them by early 2016.  

  • How has studying with your college provider helped you at work? 
As when I have done technical jobs the theory from college has helped very much and has given me the foundations to do that job. 

  • What has been the biggest surprise of your apprenticeship
The biggest surprise has been have to assume responsibility for your own management and taking ownership.

  • Sum up your job in 3 words
Awesome, learning, opportunity 

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Working in IT Information Security, to have a number of commercial qualifications, to have a good understanding of my job and to be in a responsible position where I can teach others some of the skills I have learned.

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