How to Write a Winning Apprenticeship Application


When you are applying for any job, the application process can sometimes be a little daunting.
 Luckily, the Skills Funding Agency have just released a fantastic guide which is packed full with hints and tips about how to register, search and apply for an apprenticeship. 

To view the guide please click here: 

This guide is full of great tips like how to structure you CV and going through the application process specifically targeted at apprenticeships. It also goes through what your potential employer might be thinking and looking for as they are reading through your application. 

At the University of Oxford, our favourite 3 top tips from this guide are:

"If the employer is asking for GCSE grades A*-C and you did not achieve these grades, it could still be worth applying for the job. You will need to day that you are willing to work towards achieving Functional Skills within the duration of the apprenticeship framework"   

"If you do not have any relevant experience then consider taking the initiative to set some up. This would be one day at the weekend of during the holidays. You don't have to rely on the work experience that your school might have set up for you"

"If you are not sure what to write about yourself, ask a friend or a teacher to list your three best qualities (See the worksheet on page 26 of the guide which will prompt you to think about some words and phrases that you could include)"

Don't forget to put some of these tips into practice when looking through the current opportunities on our apprenticeships recruitment page!

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Created by Sophie Bebb, University of Oxford Apprentice at the Said Business School.

Managed by Frances Murray, Apprentice Librarian Assistant at the Bodleian Libraries, and Megan Janes, Apprenticeship Administration and Communications Apprentice.