Oxfordshire Business Awards: Apprenticeship of the Year


The Oxfordshire Business Awards 2015 was held at the Oxford Thames four Pillars Hotel on Friday the 19th of June. This event showcases the best of businesses in  and around Oxfordshire with an award ceremony to congratulate and celebrate all of its nominees and participants.

The Oxfordshire Apprenticeship of the Year award was proudly presented by Sophie Jamieson of Oxford University and Luke Mulan, both apprenticeship ambassadors for Oxfordshire. The award for 2015 went to Darke and Taylor, an electrical engineering excellence company based in Kidlington.

The Oxfordshire Business Award for Apprenticeship of the Year 2016 nominations will be opening later on this year. This is a fantastic opportunity to highlight your organisations contribution towards apprenticeships and a great networking opportunity for Businesses in Oxford. You can read more about the 2015 award ceremony and all of the other award nominations on their website here - www.oxfordshirebusinessawards.co.uk/the-awards/the-oxfordshire-apprenticeship-of-the-year-award 

Below are a few photographs taken from the award ceremony featuring Sophie and Luke presenting the award. Congratulations to all of the nominations, and we look forward seeing more faces from the University of Oxford attending next year. 

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Created by Sophie Bebb, University of Oxford Apprentice at the Said Business School.

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