7 Reasons to Take an Apprenticeship


Not Going to Uni, an online apprenticeship directory, have published an article on seven reasons to choose an apprenticeship over going to university.

Our favourite reasons include:

  • Get Your Career Started
As an apprentice your career is underway as soon as you get started. There is no need to wonder what you will be doing when you qualify as you are already doing it! Many apprentices even stay working with the company they apprentice for – making the transition into work really easy.
  • Training & Support
Unlike heading straight into a job, an apprenticeship will offer you structured support while you train. With people who are genuinely doing the job you are training for alongside you, you can pick up tips and advice as you go. Those not quite ready for an apprenticeship can still get things moving with a traineeship, which will offer a good foundation from which to move forward.
And, very importantly:
  • No Debt
While we have already mentioned earning a wage while on your apprenticeship there is a much larger financial benefit to doing an apprenticeship compared to going to university. With no tuition fees there is no debt. You will be able to start your career without the burden of owing thousands of pounds – never mind how such debts could impact your credit rating and future financial well-being!

Read the rest of the reasons here, and find out why an apprenticeship might be the right choice for you!

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