Pass the Torch Campaign


In early March Thames Valley launched its #PassTheTorch Campaign as part of a government scheme to encourage more employers and students to get involved with apprenticeships.

As part of this an Olympic-style travelled to Apprenticeship events across the Thames Valley area before finally arriving in London for the launch of National Apprenticeship Week on Monday 14th March. The torch itself was designed and engineered by apprentices, and represents the passing on of knowledge from employers to their apprentices.

The torch came to Oxford and put in an appearance at various events in the Oxford area, including the Great Apprenticeship Bake Off where it was met by Apprenticeship Ambassadors from across Oxford, and was 'passed on' by Apprenticeship Manager Clive Shepherd to some of the University's Apprentices.

Clive Shepard passing the torch to Apprentice Finance & Accounting Technician Bradley Boodell and  Apprentice Clerical Assistant Melina McCann
Clive said: ‘The University of Oxford is proud to support the Pass the Torch campaign. It highlights the fantastic opportunities that Apprenticeships bring to young people in learning valuable work place skills and studying for professional qualifications at the same time. For us Apprenticeships provide a pipeline of young talent that really support our workforce planning and development enabling us to pass on the world class knowledge and experience of our existing staff to our apprentices.’

Apprenticeship Ambassador Sophie Jaimeson with the torch

You can find out more about the #PassTheTorch campaign on its website, or follow the torch's journey on Twitter.

Special thanks to Paddy Patterson for the photograph of Clive, Bradley and Melina, and to Melanie Ringer and the ApprenticesROx Facebook page for the other photos.

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Created by Sophie Bebb, University of Oxford Apprentice at the Said Business School.

Managed by Frances Murray, Apprentice Librarian Assistant at the Bodleian Libraries, and Megan Janes, Apprenticeship Administration and Communications Apprentice.