'A Day in the Life' with Oxfordshire Apprenticeships


Oxfordshire Apprenticeships recently worked alongside two of our Apprentices on Twitter to give the public a flavour of what life is like as an Apprentice with Oxford University. Over the course of a day they sent out tweets and photos describing their working days and what kind of skills they are learning through their Apprenticeships.

Sophie Bebb is an Apprentice Programme Assistant at the Saïd Business School and one of our Apprenticeship Ambassadors. You can see Sophie's Day in the Life here.

Adam Fisk is a General Maintenance Apprentice based in the Museum of Natural History and is also an Apprenticeship Ambassador. You can see his Day in the Life here.

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Created by Sophie Bebb, University of Oxford Apprentice at the Said Business School.

Managed by Frances Murray, Apprentice Librarian Assistant at the Bodleian Libraries, and Megan Janes, Apprenticeship Administration and Communications Apprentice.